I like to be productive with my time. Hence, I am on the constant lookout for ways to be more efficient. Some of the life-hacks listed here are for the office, while others can be used in all areas of life. If you have any to share, kindly comment! I would love to learn from you as well 🙂

1) Combine Digital Tools for Improved Productivity

Did you know you can create a WhatsApp group that contains only you? Create a group, add at least one other person and then kick that person out. You will then have a group just for yourself. This is great for…

(a) Sending quick notes and reminders to yourself
(b) Sending something from your phone to your laptop/desktop, assuming you have Whatsapp Web installed on your laptop/desktop

And then, if you have a screenshot tool, you can (c) send screenshots of things on your laptop/desktop to your mobile. I find this especially useful in sharing your work with colleagues.

For the screenshot tool, I recommend Lightshot. It can even instantly generate a URL from your screenshots!

2) Find Ways to Bring Your Commitments Together

I don’t know about you, but this is the time of my life where I have immense difficulty in balancing my commitments. For instance, I have my full-time job, partner, family, friends and hobbies (both productive and non-productive ones) to manage. I think balancing all of the above can be difficult, especially when you spend most of your waking hours in the office. Over time, I have found ways to keep up with life. Examples include…

(a) Bringing friends from two friend groups together. Both of them can potentially gain a new friend!
(b) Sharing my hobbies (e.g. writing and gaming) with my friends & partner. Sometimes they even give me ideas to better my story!
(c) Take a long walk (to improve my health) before meeting up with a business partner (for work)
(d) Work on skills during your off-time (e.g. designing cards) that can be translated to better performance in the office (e.g. designing adverts)

3) Break Bad Habits by Setting the Right Environment

These days, my worst habit is probably snacking on potato chips. While I don’t stop myself from eating chips, I try my utmost best to make sure there are 1001 barriers between me and my chips. This means I make it a point to avoid stopping by the convenience store on my way home from work. Another example is putting my phone far far away when I need time away from the screen. In this instance, I know I will be too lazy to go to my table when I am lying on my bed.

In other words, to set the right environment, you need to consider what are the steps you usually take before committing the ‘felony’ and then add barriers to stop yourself from getting to that stage.

These three are all I have for now. I’m sure there are some I have missed out. I’ll add them here if I think of any!

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