Before you write a story, you need a plot. While I absolutely adore coming up with plots, writing it out terrifies me. Like most others, I tend to second guess every step I take. So to counter that, I figured I should do two things in conjunction – research on how to develop a good plot and how to prepare myself for writing. Each of these bullet points below should eventually link up with another blog post. Therefore, being able to link all of them up will instil a sense of achievement in me.

Of course, I might come back at a later time to add one or two new bullet points. Refining the process is important too, no?

Please note that I did ZERO research before writing this out, so everything is basically a culmination of my not-so-professional writing experience since I was ten.


Plot Development

1) How does one create a fictional world? What are the elements to consider?
2) How does one develop characters? How do you make them relatable/lovable/someone you love to hate?
3) How do you craft a storyline based on the developed world and characters?
4) Read at least 20 summaries of published books.
5) Read one (or more) book(s) that belong to the same genre I aim to write in.

Writing Preparation

1) How does one self-publish a book? On what platform(s) can a book be published?
2) Where and how can you engage an editor? Should you even engage one?
3) What are the words that you can use to replace ‘said’?
4) How should you write a prologue? How do you split a story into chapters?
5) How do you make the speech of characters sound natural?

I’ve decided five questions for each segment will do for now. In time, I will revisit this blog and refine the questions as I see fit. Also, if you somehow found your way to this blog and would like to add to the above process, please do not hesitate to leave a comment! I would love to hear from anyone đŸ™‚

Content Update Tracking

29th June – Publication of Article
4th July – Added my first link to world-building!
7th July – Added my link to ‘said’ alternatives
15th July – Added my link to character development

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